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Kalka Mail Accident, Rescue Is On

Kalka Mail derailment has claimed 35 lives till now and the number of casualty is expected to rise further as 7 bogies of the ill-fated trains are overlapping on each other. In all 13 bogies were derailed. Out of which 12 went topsy turvy.

The rescue team is trying to save more lives as bogies are being cut to take out the survivors.

The two general coaches, which were just behind the engine, were most severely affected.

Two of the AC coaches were also damaged.

Two rescue trains one from Kanpur and another from Allahabad have reached the accident site. Army have deployed its 100 personnel at the site for rescue/relief.

But locals were first to provide necessary help to the survivors. They ventured to take out the injured and rush them to hospitals. Eyewitnesses say that more than 200 people are injured.   Railway Board's Executive Director has rushed to the spot. Railways have announced Rs. 5 Lakh to the family of those who have lost their near & dear ones. Rs one lakh will be paid to those who have suffered injuries and the one's with minor injuries will get Rs. 25 thousands each.

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